So I really begin writing

Why though? Here's my story.

So I really begin writing

Who am I?

I am a developer. Backend, to be specific. Earlier also used to do AI dev. I dabbled with frontend but gave up midway. I work at a health-tech at the moment, developing their features and cloud resources.

I was always interested in tech, since school days. Not just coding, but how it works, behind the scenes. I started with Basic, moved on to HTML, CSS, JS and then real coding. C/C++ was in the curriculum, but I learnt Python just by doing, i.e. no formal courses. And now that's my most used language. That's why I strongly believe in the power of self-taught skills.

Oh, I'm also a college student. That's part of the problem though. I stay so busy with academics, work and the tens of other things I'm always involved in, it becomes hard to find time for self improvement.

It started with admiration

I started following more and more indie-hackers on Twitter, started reading an increasing number of news articles on emerging tech like blockchains, web3, etc. I was amazed by the community. People hacking their way for fun, while I am postponing learning for tomorrow. Took me back to my time in high school when I kept making small side projects for fun.

I miss those days. Felt like, after college started, my personal or technical development kind of paused. So this blog is an attempt to restart just that.

You may ask how

And I am here to answer that. This blog is for documenting what I do from now on. I have a huge wishlist of stuff, like:

  • Start contributing to open source
  • Do a bunch of side projects either for fun or to solve some problem
  • Deep dive into the libraries I use daily, how they work under the hood
  • Experiment with code I just discovered on GitHub

This blog will be my accounting tool. I will be writing about what I do and what I learn. Can be either what I contributed to OSS, what new things I discovered while ctrl + clicking function names on VS Code, or just analysis I did on some DS assignment.

Playing brain games with myself

This is me trying to gamify my learning. I really don't have a good track record on sticking with things. This can either turn into my habit, or another abandoned project. Only time can tell (wish me luck).